“Something is very right with our Earth! We live on an Abundant Planet. Remember to give thanks every day for our amazing gifts.”
~ Kristina M. Wood

Kristina M WoodKristina M Wood is an author, intuitive, empath, and channel of multi-dimensional knowledge. For decades she has used her gifts and abilities to work with beings in other realms and dimensions, assisting others in recognizing and releasing old patterns and helping them to live a more whole and integrated life. The clear and compassionate wisdom shared through Kristina facilitates a shift in perspective from that of separation and limitation to a connection of highest potential and multi-dimensional existence.

In 1985, Kristina began connecting with spirit, working first with her own angelic guides before becoming reacquainted with a Higher Multi-dimensional Collective and celestial beings. Growing up in Hawaii allowed her to connect with nature and other realms of reality. Her work has liberated hundreds of people through profound experiences and Spiritual Journeys.

As a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and consummate adventure seeker, Kristina constantly strives to push the limits of human potential. Drawing from her prior experience as a swimmer in the 1968 Olympic Games, she has mentored and coached teens to reach rankings in the top ten list for age group swimmers in the United States, helping them to qualify for the Olympic Trials and other national championship events.

As the founder of Adventurous Spirit Travel, Kristina leads boutique journeys to some of the planet’s most sacred power spots and holy sites. On these travels, she helps to facilitate unique, unforgettable, and transformative spiritual experiences. Her highly sought-after power pilgrimages include Bhutan, Peru, Hawaii, Ireland, Egypt, Mount Shasta, India, and many other magical destinations.

In 2015, Kristina Wood wrote a book, Why the Sunflower Smiles: Hidden Messages in Nature, where she shares full color beautiful images of energy beings caught on camera with their messages, channeled by world renown clairvoyant Lee Cook. The book is inspiring and uplifting and designed to help you connect with your higher knowing through nature and sacred places.

Why the Sunflower Smiles: Hidden Messages in Nature‘s Foreward is written by bestselling author of the book, Energy Medicine, Donna Eden. In it, Donna states, “If you had the time to feed your soul with abundant travel, you couldn’t choose a better itinerary than the destinations featured in this gorgeous and mind-expanding book. If you don’t have that time, let this chronicle of Kristina M. Wood’s pilgrimages to some of the planet’s most sublime spots add to your spiritual nourishment. “

Why the Sunflower Smiles, Hidden Messages in Nature, features a collection of photographs and writings for traveling souls and those seeking a higher level of consciousness. The book’s goal is to not only document our interconnectedness with all life, but to also empower everyone to honor the sacredness of Gaia and return to wholeness and sustainable cooperation with our precious planet.

Supporting Causes Around the World

Kristina believes that as our world becomes smaller, we all become more responsible for the well-being of each person who inhabits the Earth, as well as for the Earth itself. Thus, Adventurous Spirit Travel gives a percentage of its profits to people in the lands that she visits. Her intention is that with a gift of this sort, a supportive heart connection creates a bridge to another part of the world.

Kristina has helped Wolathang Elementary School, located in rural Bhutan. In the last year and a half since visiting the nation, Adventurous Spirit Travel has helped to raise enough money to fund 39,000 meals as part of the school’s previously faltering lunch program. Wolathang Elementary now has a sister school in Colorado: Ryan Elementary, located in the city of Lafayette. Along with the mayor of Lafayette and a nonprofit in Boulder, Colorado, Kristina is assisting a movement to further cultural relations between Bhutan and the U.S. by making Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan, a sister city of Lafayette—a move that will enable the young students of both cities to become mindful, responsible global citizens.

Here is a video that documents how the project with Wolathang Elementary School began:

Kristina’s passion for philanthropy extends to her belief that the lives and traditions of indigenous people must be preserved and honored if we are to promote a peaceful, heart-centered relationship with the Earth and with each other. She currently sits on the Board of Wicahpi Koyaka Tiospaye, a 501(c)(3) organization based in South Dakota. Wicahpi Koyaka Tiospaye was founded in 1980 in Wanblee, South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Wicahpi Koyaka believes that preserving the traditional knowledge and cultural traditions of the Native American people provides a pathway to wellness. Their vision is to create a spiritual community wherein Native Americans can once again stand proudly on a cultural foundation that unites their communities across geographical and generational differences. Their motto, “We are the ancestors of tomorrow,” serves as a reminder that our decisions, lifestyles, and the footprints we leave on Mother Earth are what future generations will remember us for.

Growing up in Hawaii allowed Kristina to connect with nature and other realms of reality. She now offers you the opportunity to connect to your higher nature and knowing through her courses, Adventurous Spirit Travel trips, and her books.

“When we look at the positive side of what we can do and add in the element of courage to step up, together with an unfaltering love for others, we can all together create an amazing place to live on Earth.” Kristina M. Wood


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