Adventurous Spirit Travel

EgyptAdventurous Spirit Travel is more than a tour company offering vacation packages. An ordinary journey as a tourist may leave one spiritually unchanged, but our vacation packages offer journeys of the soul as well as the body that change one forever. We travel to find out who we are in relation to sea, sky and stone, and to create a network with the people who make up the heartbeat of our earth. As pilgrims, we move through an inner as well as an outer landscape, seeking our soul’s connections. We consider ourselves to be an open and environmentally conscious traveling community. Our intention is to offer vacation package deals with an awareness of why we are going to a particular place, what we are looking for and how we can give back. In a way, we are modern day pilgrims.

Adventurous Spirit Travel welcomes all world travelers and those who have never before traveled with a group. Our tours are designed for adults, women and men, young or not so young; people interested in the mystery and sacredness of life, with a desire to know and understand more of where we’ve come from, to assist us in where we are going and to make a difference on the planet. We will discover new information that will enrich all of our senses.

These tours are for you if:
You have a curiosity about mythology, sacred sites, earth mysteries
You are fascinated by other cultures and enjoy meeting and interacting with the local people
You have a sense of adventure
You want to travel with like-minded people in a small intimate group
You appreciate a balance of meditation time, site-visit time as well as free independent time
You want to connect with the energies of the land
You would like the opportunity to participate in ceremony
You want to give something back.

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I am here to help ​you connect with your highest potential​ so you can align your life with your ultimate happiness. We will start with who you are at a soul level, connect you with your guides from different dimensions in a way that allows you to make ​a personal​ connection to higher guidance, whenever you ​would like​ to. It is my intention to use my real life coaching skills of training champion swimmers​,​ based on ​specific exercises ​from​ the human potential movement, together with m​any​ years of spiritual work with indigenous people​,​ to assist you in creating ​your ​own unique capacities.

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